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About Us


At Pikanini Chefs Port Elizabeth we have fun, we bake, we fry, we flour, we decorate and on your birthday we even celebrate.


While having fun we instill the fundamentals of Cooking and Baking we explore new flavors and techniques we encourage creativity in any dish. Your child gets to learn about food how to prepare it and serve it, most importantly of all how to enjoy it.


At Pikanini Chefs Port Elizabeth we offer:


  • Term Classes
  • Weekly Classes
  • Classes at various schools
  • Birthday Parties
  • Holiday Club Classes
  • Bake your Goal – a business orientated class, where your child will learn about costing, creating, markup and most importantly profit
  • Baking Photo-shoots
  • Cooking & Baking lessons on Thursday mornings


If you are interested in any of the above or would like any further information please feel free to contact us

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